Work-Life Balance Does Not Have to Be a Myth

With productivity and achievements touted as most important in today’s society, you may be struggling to balance self-care and staying productive at work. This lack of balance is unhealthy and can lead to deteriorating well-being. Having a balance between work and life does not have to be impossible. Some claim that having a work-life balance is impossible, but with determination and careful consideration of your wants and needs, you can have this mythical balance in your life.

Life Choices

Unlike other forms of life on earth, as a human, you can dream and imagine a wonderful future for yourself. Work can be a source of joy or a source of anxiety. Having a dream bigger than any job is part of how you begin the slow process of building balance. Your dreams and yearnings for your life can easily be overpowered by a job that seems to be too much. There is also the risk of not paying enough attention to work and your dreams of stability if you are focused too much on your social life. Having a balance in all areas of your life takes time and effort. You also must discern what is important to you.

Assessing Your Needs

Developing a solid work-life balance requires a careful assessment of your needs. As a social creature, you need your friends and family. You need time spent with others to help solve problems, unwind, and have fun. However, in addition to time with others, you need time alone. You need time to recharge and gain perspective on your own experiences. Time to yourself also allows you to pursue your dream and think clearly about what you want in your life.

Work is essential not only for financial needs and to meet basic needs of food, housing, and stability, but also for your sense of worth and productivity. You gain a tremendous amount from your experiences in your jobs and at school, but you must not let work and school overwhelm the rest of your life.

Ensuring Your Well-Being Requires 3 Essential Actions

While many believe balance is easily achieved, there are three actions that, if not enacted regularly, can negatively impact your well-being. These three actions include: 

#1. Schedule Self-Care Time

There are many things we need in life, but self-care is essential. Without proper self-care, depression and anxiety can set in, as well as other physical health problems. Taking time to properly care for yourself with doctors’ appointments, sleep, bathing, exercise, and eating properly is key to your well-being in all areas of your life.

Balancing your needs can take time and research into what works best for you. You can contact SokyaHealth, and one of our providers can help you find a way to balance all of your needs. Sometimes, you may need some extra help in identifying and acknowledging what will work best for you, and we are here to help you find balance.

#2. Just Say ‘No’

Today’s productivity-based and fast-paced culture might make you believe you will only get ahead if you keep allowing other people to dictate your life. This includes family, friends, and work. You cannot please everyone and maintain your sanity, meaning it is essential to stand up for yourself and your needs.

Standing up for yourself and your needs means setting boundaries and saying “no.” You can say no to overtime and being demoralized. You can say no to late nights with friends on worknights and even weekends. You have the right to say, “I need time to take care of me.” There is no shame in saying “no” for your sanity. 

#3. Ask for Help

There is no shame in asking for help; being human means sometimes getting overwhelmed and needing some extra support. At work, do not be afraid to ask someone to help you. At home, ask for some time to yourself or help with completing basic tasks. 

Overall, if your life seems overwhelming, your balance is probably off. You need to ask for help. You may need coaching, therapy, or even a good friend to help you cope. Asking for help should never be shame-producing but considered an act of great courage. 

Achievement of Your Dreams Requires Balance

Do not be afraid of your dreams. Your dreams and yearnings for your future deserve to be taken seriously. Beginning the process of taking yourself seriously starts with the development of work-life balance. Taking time for yourself while still maintaining your productivity will better equip you to maintain your sanity and progress at work or school. You deserve balance, and whether you need extra help learning how to say no, or need to learn how to take care of yourself, you can begin the process today.

Developing balance in your life takes time and careful consideration of your needs and wants for your professional and personal life. You must take the time to consider your passions and how best to take care of your needs. The elements of building a balanced life require skills that you may struggle with learning how to develop. At SokyaHealth, we have a wide range of providers perfectly suited to your needs, whether you need coaching, therapy, medication management, or tips on self-care. We can help you find the strength and courage to learn how to balance your life in such a way as to boost your self-confidence and make you more capable of tackling your dreams. At SokyaHealth, we care about what you want. Contact us today by calling (877) 840-6956 and learn how we can help you begin the process of learning how to develop a well-balanced life. You deserve it. 

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