Will Going Back to School Be Too Much for Me?

Going to school at any point in life is something worth celebrating. However, you will want to know if you are in a place to handle the demands of school. Therefore, deciding to go back to school should not be a rushed decision. You must assess your situation and determine if going back to school is right. 

You may also show some concerns over what you want to study, the cost of school, and the kind of degree you want to earn. However, these concerns will help you gauge how you want to prepare for going back to school. 

The Benefits of Going Back to School

There are many reasons why people decide to go back to school. From a professional perspective, going back to school can benefit your career. It will open doors to more job opportunities and advancement within your career field. Going to school could even help you change careers. There are also financial benefits that come with attending school for professional growth. Higher education directly correlates to a higher income. 

You may want to return to school to fulfill a personal goal. Maybe you never finished school and want to earn a degree. Or, perhaps you want to go in a different direction and explore a new field. Whatever your reasons are, going back to school offers the chance to pursue unfulfilled passions.

Consider the Pros and Cons

Regardless of potential benefits, consider all options before returning to school. Perhaps you feel stagnant in your careers, so you desire growth and change. Understand that school is not the only option to achieve growth and change. 

However, school is often necessary for a career change. For example, if you are in the financial industry and want to transition into the medical industry, you will likely have to return to school. 

You will benefit from making a list of pros and cons. If the pros strongly outway the cons, it could be an opportunity worth taking.

Common Concerns With Going Back to School

There are many concerns you may have about going back to school. As adults, we have a lot on our plates: work, kids, finances, and other personal responsibilities. Try to determine if going back to school will be too much to handle.

Paying for School 

You may have some concerns about how to pay for school. You are not alone. How to pay for school is among the top concerns for individuals considering going back to school. However, there are different ways to pay for higher education, including: 

  • Federal and state student aid

  • Scholarships

  • Veterans and military services

  • Other federal government funding or programs. 

Researching these options will help you learn which is best for you.

Work Programs

Another great way to pay for higher education is through work programs. Many companies offer tuition reimbursement programs. That may include loan refinancing, company and college partnerships, or company-funded courses and programs. These options will help further your education and career simultaneously. 

Consider asking your manager or human resources representative about these options. They may have further resources to offer. Any good company should be willing to invest in your future, which means being a resource to help you in your educational growth.

How to Handle Going Back to School

Aside from financial concerns, you must consider the potential repercussions to your mental health. Going back to school will take a lot of time and effort. If you are worried about being responsible for your career, family, and finances, you should also be cautious about your mental health. 

If you already see a mental health professional consistently, discuss your thoughts on higher education with them. They can offer you tips and advice on handling the pressures of higher education and your mental health. Together you can prepare for going back to school emotionally in the following ways:

  • Establish coping strategies

    . Developing a list of coping mechanisms to maintain mental health will help you navigate and balance the challenges of academic responsibilities. 

  • Practice mindfulness.

    That means carving out time for self-care, mediation, or fitness. It can be hard to find time for self-care between work and school, but it’s essential to maintain wellness.  

  • Make time for fun

    . Whatever your hobbies are, don’t let them go. Continue hiking every Saturday morning or keep up with your book club. Staying happy and healthy is the only way to handle the pressure of higher education.

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