Reasons to Celebrate in January

So, it’s January. Christmas, Hanukkah, Krampus, New Year’s, or what-else-have-you are over…now what? Gone are the festive holiday parties filled with eggnog, wine, and cheeses from around the world. Gifts are bought, mailed, and unwrapped, and the tree is on its way back to the box. You may feel partied out or like all your festive spirit has leaked away. The time between Christmas and summer can be unappealing. 

Most areas are buried under feet of snow or slush or simply brutal cold. It’s the same snow and cold that December brought in, but without the beauty of holiday lights or anticipation of Christmas and a new year. You may feel drained and low after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The good news is, there is still plenty to celebrate in January. 

January Holidays to Keep Your Halls Decked

Okay, so these things are no Christmas, but you can still find ways to celebrate to stay merry and bright.

January 3rd—Women Rock Day: This is dedicated to the women who forged a new path for future generations. Women like Grace Slick, Joan Jett, Ruth Brown, and Aretha Franklin broke barriers in their musical genres and showed the world that all genres of music were also a women’s game. Today is their day; play your favorite song by them and show your favorite female musical artist some love. 

January 8th—National Bubble Bath Day: Who doesn’t like a hot bath on a cold day? Better yet, who doesn’t enjoy bubbles and a hot bath? January 8th is your day to find your favorite oils, bath bombs, bubble bath, and indulge in a long soak. While you are celebrating National Bubble Bath day, you will be improving many aspects of your health. You get to relax your mind and body while hydrating your skin. If you take a bath before bedtime, you may even sleep better. 

January 18th—National Gourmet Coffee Day: Coffee lovers, look out: it’s time to get caffeinated. National Gourmet Coffee Day is about far more than getting your favorite drink. This holiday was christened in the nineteen eighties as a way to bring awareness to the plight of coffee farmers, as well as to promote fair trade coffee. Take the opportunity to learn about how and where your coffee was grown.

January 22nd—Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. Yes, folks, you read that right. January 22nd is the day you should put aside to answer all of your cat’s burning questions. Your cat has been waiting for this day for three hundred and sixty-four days—almost 1,500 in cat days. If they ask you something you do not want to answer, act like you don’t understand. Once you hand over the catnip, your cat won’t remember the question, so it’ll be okay. If you have multiple cats, be sure to set aside equal time, so they all feel respected.  

January 23rd—National Pie Day: After a day of answering your feline friends’ questions you are going to need some sustenance. What better ways to recharge than with some pie? Gather your friends for a day of pie indulgence. Having trouble thinking of pie-related activities for your pie party? You are in luck, the American Pie Council has a list of activities to keep you and your friends entertained. There are games, word finds, and pie recipes just to name a few fun things that the council has put together. 

January 30th—National Croissant Day: Bread lovers rejoice, for your day is near. January 30th is National Croissant Day. This day was created to show appreciation for the bakers who worked in the basement storerooms in Vienna, Austria in the 1600s. These bakers heard the digging of the Turkish army as they attempted to take over the city and alerted their army.

January 31st—National Brussels Sprout Day: At this point in the month you’ve celebrated a lot of junk food and silliness, so it’s time to get serious. Your body may be screaming for some wholesome food with nutritional value. You are in luck. The last day in January is dedicated to celebrating everyone’s least favorite vegetable: Brussels sprouts. During the Roman Empire, those little veggies were known as symbols of endurance and stability. Brussels Sprouts are like that cousin no one talks about. Everyone knows what they are and where to find them, people just avoid them. If these little cabbage heads have never been your jam, use today to try cooking them a different way. 

January comes at the tail end of a long string of holidays and can make you feel like you’ve lost a lot of your cheer. Luckily, January has many off-the-wall things to celebrate. You have a day for coffee, bread, and pie. If you aren’t sure how to answer your cat’s questions, you can always write it down for next year and then take a bubble bath to think about it. However, if you’re experiencing worsening mental health conditions due to the winter months or the end of the holidays, you may need to seek professional help. Depression and anxiety tend to escalate in the winter months due to the darkness and isolation because of the cold. If you need help with a new or worsening mental health condition, SokyaHealth has dedicated staff who are here to help you will any mental health problems you may be experiencing. Call us today at 866-932-1767.

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