Reasons to Celebrate in February

February brings visions of everything pink and red, cute little cupids, and the concept of love. February fourteenth is the star of the show during this month…or is it? There is so much more to celebrate than mushy-gushy lovey-dovey coupledom. Yes, my friends, there are many things to celebrate this month. 

Just about every day of the year has some arbitrary celebration attached to it. Some days in February have more than one thing to celebrate, allowing you to either pick and choose or combine things for one big celebration. How fun is that? No matter what you are into, there is something for everyone in February, more than just Valentine’s Day. 

Let the Fun Begin

February first: Baked Alaska Day.If you feel that sweet tooth kick in but are over everything chocolate, this is the day for you. Why, you ask? It’s Baked Alaska Day! If a combination of cake, ice cream, and caramelized meringue sounds like your idea of heaven, this is the day you’ve been waiting for. 

In the (unfortunate) event that you’re trying to lay off sugar and need inspiration, February first is also national Get Up Day. This is a day to remind you of human perseverance and determination. National Get Up Day reminds you that no matter how many times you fall, you always have the option of getting back up and continuing the journey. This might also be a good day to get back on track with your New Year’s resolutions if you’ve started slipping.

February second: This day is action-packed. February second features Ground Hog Day, Tator Tot Day, and Ukulele Day. You could write a little ukulele song dedicated to crispy tots and an early spring in 2022. 

February third: National Missing Persons Day. This is the day that focuses on bringing awareness to the approximately 600,000 people who go missing every year. If this day is difficult for you due to a missing friend or family member, be sure to reach out for support. 

February fourth: National Homemade Soup Day. Today is the day to break out the crockpot and create your favorite soup. If you have never made soup, now is the perfect time to try. Not sure where to start? Google will be guaranteed to find you more recipes than you can shake a ladle at.

February sixth: Pay Someone a Compliment Day. If you see someone who looks a little sad or like they aren’t having the best day, then you pay them a compliment. A few kind words could change someone’s entire mood. You could spread the love around and make it your goal to pay three to five random strangers a compliment. You may like seeing people smile so much, paying people compliments becomes a daily occurrence. 

February ninth: National Pizza Day. Today is the day that we celebrate all things pizza. Yes, friends, February ninth is the day that we pay homage to everyone’s favorite doughy, cheesy, toppings-y food. No matter how you like your slice, this is the day to celebrate in as many ways as you want. Who says you can’t have pizza for breakfast?

February eleventh: Make a New Friend Day. This day can be honored by meeting someone somewhere new, like a class, club, or group. You might also take the opportunity to talk to someone you see frequently but have never interacted with. You could always use a new friend.

February fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth: Everyone knows February fourteenth is Valentine’s day but did you know that February fifteenth is Singles Awareness Day followed by February sixteenth’s Do a Grouch a Favor Day? Understandably, being reminded about being single by being bombarded with everything Valentine’s Day since before the Christmas tree was in the box might turn anyone into a grouch, so it might be a good thing to start planning some positive activities for February sixteenth.

February twenty-sixth: Tell a Fairytale Day. Check with your local libraries and literacy groups to see if there are any activities to attend. You could always read or even create your own. If you have children, this can be a fun activity to make your own book with their pictures or ask them to help you create the story. 

February has lots of random things to celebrate. Whatever sounds like your jam, don’t be afraid to plan something around it and share the festivities with those close to you.

February can be one of the most challenging months of the winter season. It’s been cold and gray for months now, and Valentine’s Day can be difficult for some people. If you’re experiencing worsening mental health conditions due to the winter months or Valentine’s Day holiday, you may need to seek professional help. Depression and anxiety tend to escalate in the winter months due to the darkness and isolation because of the cold. Luckily, there is more to look forward to in February than just another commercialized holiday to remind you of painful feelings. There are many things to celebrate, and it’s plenty easy to come up with your own things to pay tribute to any day of the month. If you need help with a new or worsening mental health condition, SokyaHealth has dedicated staff to help you will any mental health problems you may be experiencing. Call us today at 866-932-1767.

More than 50% of Americans struggle with mental health.

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