Positive Social Media Accounts to Follow

Social media is full of drama. People are posting thoughts and opinions about politics, health issues, and arguing amongst each other. Getting lost in all the posts can cause us to give up, become angry, or depressed. People can feel burdened by negativity when they start looking at posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, feelings of depression, anger, or frustration toward social media posts can be changed. In yoga classes, the instructor will instruct the class to breathe in positivity and exhale negativity. We can take in positivity and let go of negativity when interacting on social media sites.

Social media is an excellent way to connect with others and share uplifting stories, pictures, or thoughts. However, you may not know where to find sites that promote goodness, support, and kindness. Here is a key to sites that focus on the strengths we share, the support we need, and the reminders that we are loved and worthy of love.

Instagram Accounts that De-stigmatize Mental Illness

Despite all of the positive information about mental health, there remains a stigma. There are honest, thoughtful accounts that share their experiences with mental illness to make others feel like they are not alone. The account owners all share the goal of taking the shame and embarrassment out of having a mental health disorder.

Christina Wolfgram – her account started as a comedy account. She shares her humor when telling followers about her mental health struggles.

Sara-Jayne Poletti – she sought help in her 20s because she felt different than others. She was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She posts a variety of images and advice.

Anxiety Sugar – she posts a variety of images and quotes to make others feel that they are not alone in their struggles with mental health.

Marcela Sabia – she posts quotes and pictures focusing on how to cope with depression.

Kate Speer- she combines scenic landscape photos, pictures of her dog, and an honest look at her life with depression.

Kelsey Lindell- she shares all aspects of her life, from the mundane to the fun. Kelsey also delves into her suicide attempt and her psychiatric treatment.

Millykeepsgoing – Milly is unapologetic about her page that focuses on her suicide attempt and therapy.

Accounts for Positive Mental Health

We live in a world filled with negativity. Social media can hurt our outlook. These accounts want to increase positivity by brightening your day with wise words and fun pictures.

Self-Care is For Everyone – this account on Facebook and Instagram is exactly what it seems. They post happy, inspiring, and fun pictures and quotes.

Positively Sparkly – this account is filled with images combined with inspiring words. The photos also contain a bit of sparkle to help lighten your day.

Littlearthlings – this page is filled with drawings and heartfelt thoughts. It breathes happiness into your day. Littlearthlings is on Facebook and Instagram.

The Happy Newspaper – news doesn’t have to be negative. When you are feeling hopeless or depressed by what you are reading and hearing takes a moment to check out The Happy Newspaper. This account highlights the good that happens in the world. Follow it on Instagram and Facebook.

Sunny Bloom Inspirations – this account is pure joy. Every day it focuses on inspiration and motivation. Find the account on Instagram.

The Official Happiness Is – fun is the word to describe this account. This is the account to come to when you need a laugh. The Official Happiness Is resides on Instagram.

Positive Thinking Accounts

We all need a boost of self-confidence every once in a while. Here are a few accounts that remind us that we are worthy of love.

Positive Body Image – how we see ourselves affects how we feel towards ourselves. Positive Body Image finds beauty in you, not your body size or your looks. The account reminds you you are beautiful and loved. Find this account on Instagram.

Ali Living Simply – Ali shares thoughts on how to develop positive mental health. Her account is on Instagram.

Dare To Live SOS – this Instagram account is all about shifting your mindset to a positive mindset.

My Self-Love Supply – when you need a reminder of how loved you are, hop on over to this Instagram page. The goal of the page is to remind you you are loved.

Positively Present – inspirational, colorful posts that spread joy and self-love on your Instagram feed.

Accounts That Support Your Goals

Part of having positive mental health is making and achieving goals. Sometimes knowing where or how to start is difficult. Other times, we can feel alone in our journey to start something new. These accounts keep our spirits lifted while sharing inspirational thoughts and tips.

Compass My Life – the owner of this account, Allison Sue, is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. She shares with you tips and support in learning how to grow and be successful in your journey on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Her Growth Game – this account is focused on helping forward-thinking people achieve their goals. The Instagram account is filled with empowerment and inspiration.

The Just, Girl. Project – it’s all about girl power here. Find the account on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Her Life Her Business – the owner of this Facebook account, tells how she overcame a rough start to achieve her goals.

Create & Cultivate – an inspiring Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account focused on empowering women in their careers.

Accounts That Make You Feel Good

Whether you’re interested in looking at animals, reading stories about people’s lives, or want to be happy, this list gives a variety of sites you can explore.

Humans of New York – Instagram and Facebook

Round Animals – Instagram

National Geographic Channel – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

Five Minute Journal – Instagram

Oh Happy Day – Instagram

Happsters – Instagram

The world isn’t as bleak as you may think. There are rays of sunshine and hope that can be found on social media. When you are feeling depressed, lonely, anxious, or stressed, take a moment and look at the accounts mentioned above. You can navigate your way into a positive mood. Social media accounts that promote positive thoughts focus on increasing awareness of mental health disorders and helping you love yourself. You can do anything you want when you remember you are worthy of good things. The accounts that talk about the account owners’ experiences with mental health disorders can open up thoughts and feelings you want to share with a therapist or in a group session. SokyaHealth is here to talk to you 24/7 about mental health disorders and how we can help you. Call us at 866-932-1767 to learn more.

More than 50% of Americans struggle with mental health.

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