Making Time for Self-Care While in School

You may have heard from many that college will be the best four years of your life. While there is much to look forward to in college, such as going to different events, joining clubs, and having a whole lot of school spirit, people often fail to mention the parts of college that can quickly drain your energy. Academic and social life is of the utmost importance during this time of your life, and it’s important to remember to make time for self-care to combat any of the hardships that come your way.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of College

College is not like any typical experience of education you may have had before. There is a lot more pressure on finishing your degree so that you’re all set to become a working adult. What can be difficult about this transition from high school to college is that you are technically no longer considered a child; however, you are a fairly new adult who may not know exactly how this whole “adulting” thing works. 

You may still have desires for a thrilling life, and college is a great place to discover who you are and what kinds of activities you would like to partake in. However, the conflict comes between the amount of work you receive weekly and balancing a social life. Unfortunately, such stressors experienced in college could lead to some having stress, anxiety, and turning to the use of substances as a coping mechanism. 

When these problems arise, you can alternatively begin to prioritize your physical and mental health with self-care that won’t only benefit you while you’re in college but will help you out once you leave college.

Self-Care Practices 

You may find that your motivation in high school doesn’t quite translate to the college lifestyle due to the increased pressure from expectations and workload. Thankfully, it isn’t too late to discover new self-care activities that will allow you to diminish any stress you feel, which in return can enable you to perform better in your academic life and allow more dedicated time to your social life. Here are some self-care activities you can incorporate into your schedule.


Whether you decide to go for a walk, run, or utilize the school’s recreation center, getting your body moving can provide a release to your stresses both physically and mentally. In fact, exercise is said to improve your mental health and your physique by reducing negative moods. 


Getting a proper amount of sleep can fuel your body with productivity throughout the day. You may find that your mood increases along with your energy levels. This can promote enhanced concentration and focus on tasks you have set out for the day, which can ultimately lead to relieving the stressors you are experiencing.

Build Your Relationships

Finding time apart from yourself and schoolwork to spend with others can have a dramatic impact on your mindset when you surround yourself with the right people.Being around positivity can start and end your day in a way that leaves you in a healthy state of mind. Look for community activities that will allow you opportunities to meet other students. 

School Spirit

Participating in extracurriculars and school events can help disassociate your perception of school from being something that only involves a lot of strenuous work and effort.Being engaged in school activities outside of the classroom can act as a reinforcer for all the work you put in, thus giving you something to look forward to.

Study Breaks

Try taking breaks from your studies to focus on yourself. This can be as simple as going for a walk, meditating, playing music, or something more productive such as tidying your room. You can even have a self-care kit created and ready to go during this time. The goal is to perform an activity that you will enjoy and that will help distract your mind from schoolwork.

Be a Priority

Balancing both your school life and mental health life is something that takes practice but can be accomplished by anyone. Not only will it benefit you mentally, but physical and academic strength can also take place as a result of prioritizing yourself. Once you start implementing self-care steps into your routine, the stressors you once felt will begin to ease. 

You may even notice just how vital self-care is for your well-being to prosper and flourish during this important stage of life.Making yourself a priority will also bring balance to your daily schedule, thus allowing you to move with more fluidity throughout your day.

Working self-care into your academic life is something that we at SokyaHealth highly encourage every student to partake in. While stressors that occur in college can take a toll on one’s mental and physical health, it is important to stray away from sources that will do more damage than good as an attempt to fix these issues. However, by taking the steps necessary to ensure you are providing for yourself through self-care, these factors can be resolved. If you find that you are a student who is having trouble and needs professional guidance, we can help. We understand that major life changes occur during this transition into college, and our main purpose is to provide you with all the support and motivation needed to carry out a successful life. For more information on how to improve your school life, call us today at 800-930-0803 and (866) 65-SOKYA.

More than 50% of Americans struggle with mental health.

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