How to Set Achievable Goals for the Summertime

Summer is a great season to explore new hobbies, become more active, and accomplish that bucket list item you’ve had in mind for a while. Summer is also a great time to set goals for your present and future self and work on all aspects of your health as much as you can. However, it may be difficult to know where to start with all these thoughts and opportunities. 

Setting Goals

You may have recently decided that you want to start planning some goals in your life; however, you may wonder where to begin. Setting goals can be troubling for some as they are essentially ideas yet to be realized. Likewise, you still have to balance incorporating your ideas with your daily tasks. 

However, goal setting is the perfect way to find purpose, inspiration, and motivation. Further, when you set goals, you can take control of your life which is a great way to increase your happiness and organization skills and strengthen your self-perception.

Here are some ways you can create and execute goals:

Write Down Your Goals

Be creative with this process and make it fun. Have a clear vision of your goal. If you are a visual person, it may be fun to get crafty with writing down your goals and investing in a planner or journal that you can further design while making a list of your goals. It will also serve as a visual reminder which can help keep you accountable for sticking with your goal. Alongside your goals, write down your everyday tasks so that you are still making sure your daily life tasks are being completed.

Set a Timeline

If you do not have an end goal date, you will find it difficult to stick to a schedule that will encourage you to complete the goal. Creating a timeline can help you stay organized and stress-free, making your goal feel more achievable over time. You will find that you can manage your time better and track and analyze your progress, which can be a huge motivator. Additionally, designating time each day to work toward your goal can be helpful.

Take Action

The fun part is being able to work toward your goal. As you start progressing closer to your goal, you can begin checking things off your list. Actively working on your plan drives changes to occur and provides a feeling of productivity that can instantly lift your mood. It could be fun to do this part alone or with others.

Reinforce Small Achievements

There will be times when you feel that you have regressed from your goal or made some mistakes. Don’t dwell too much in these moments, and instead, focus on what has been going right. Thinking about the benefits of reaching your goal may help you get out of these low states when they do occur. It’s about the stepping stones; therefore, rewarding yourself for the small successes will reinforce your motivation not to give up. This is positive reinforcement at its best.

Evaluate Your Progress

Reflecting on achievements during the process is important. Without doing this, you become prone to errors and giving up. When re-evaluating, you will be able to see what has been working and what hasn’t, so you can adjust your work accordingly to make it easier for you to achieve your goal. You can do this by sitting down and thinking about your progress. 

Believing in Yourself

If in the past, you have found yourself failing or giving up goals rather than completing them, that’s okay. Understand that working toward a goal that you know won’t happen until the future is hard. Remember, mistakes are part of the growth process; therefore, as long as you use them as teaching tools, you will always move forward. 

Build Patience and Resilience 

As humans, we like to obtain rewards as quickly as possible; however, hitting big milestones takes time and dedication. Waiting and striving for goals helps build your patience and resilience, which are additional benefits that you will receive from reaching your goal and overall great things to carry with you for the rest of your life.

CBT Triangle

Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, you may need some extra help. Seeking professional guidance is a terrific way to plan goals. Working with a therapist, counselor or coach will help you set realistic goals, thus preventing you from trying to take on too much too fast. At SokyaHealth, we provide online resources and virtual coaches that will help you navigate the process of reaching your goals. Summer is a great time to embark on new adventures, and with the right planning and perspective, you will have success.

Setting goals and accomplishing them is a great summertime activity that is achievable and helps with character development. At SokyaHealth, we understand that setting goals will provide you with a sense of purpose in life and lead you to live each day happier. It is also beneficial for your overall health and well-being. If you find it difficult to achieve this sense of purpose and need assistance in helping you achieve your life goals, we are here to help. At SokyaHealth, our licensed coaches and therapists will provide you with unique and personalized sessions that will guide you step by step in making changes to improve your quality of life. They will help you gain purpose while prioritizing your mental health so your goals feel realistic and manageable to obtain. To learn more, reach out to us today and call 800-930-0803.

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