How Can Your Choices Affect Your Mental Health for the New Year?

Are you looking to find a progression of hope and healing with self peace? A person’s mental state can become jagged when unhealthy habits are a primary focus. The new year is designed to give you direction for hope and healing, but if changing harmful habits is a challenge, learning how your choices affect your mental health is vital to regain control.

Various treatments can help you understand your mental health while under the care of health and wellness experts who can help guide you to a healthier path. You deserve to have as much peace and healing as anyone else, especially when you struggle.

Why Does Mental State Help Determine Choices?

Whether positive or negative, your mental state determines your choices. Your brain has executive control functions and impulses to enhance your development regardless of genetic, psychosocial, or environmental influences. The risks that decrease your mindset occur when substantial impairment or unhealthy habits are added to the mix.

While unhealthy habits may make you feel a certain way, they are hindering your mind’s natural functioning regardless of whether the feeling is positive or negative. Your brain can’t repair or mend itself correctly as it was designed to do so by influencing unhealthy changes in your neurological components. Instead, it begins a downward spiral and impairs the mental health processes, leading to unhealthy choices.

When you choose to live unhealthily, your mental state becomes unclear. This is because your brain starts to react to unhealthy habits and then chemically changes, thus causing your choices to change. For example, if you recently lost someone you love, your mental state becomes clouded with sadness and anger. This happens because your brain compresses the emotional feelings and rushes to resolve the collective grieving elements. However, as time goes by, you learn to accept the loss and keep the positive memories in the forefront of your mind; your brain releases the compounds and makes space for healing.

The same goes for keeping unhealthy habits in your life. When you tell your brain that the unhealthy habits are helping you cope, your brain will take firm actions to help you make choices that build around those habits. However, when you choose to eliminate these patterns, you can tell your brain is ready to heal, thus causing your choices to change after new habits are adopted. Therefore, it is vital to address your mental state to redefine how you make choices today versus what they can be in the future.

Are There Health Disorders That Affect Mental Status?

Over 9 million people struggle with co-occurring mental health disorders; however, only a small percentage of those individuals seek help. A co-occurring disorder refers to an individual struggling with a mental health disorder — both diagnosed and undiagnosed — at the same time as their substance abuse. These simultaneous disorders affect mental clarity and put the individual at higher risk for an unhealthy lifestyle.

The brain is more exposed to risky situations and traumatic events when there are overlapping risk factors like co-occurring disorders. Additionally, they can lead people to self-medicate and find the means to further progress mental health disorders.

If you are concerned about your mental state and struggle with substance abuse, you may limit yourself and hinder growth. A co-occurring mental health disorder is challenging, especially when unhealthy habits play a vital role in your daily routine.

It’s in these moments that evidence-based treatment programs can address and assess your mental state and lifestyle choices simultaneously. You deserve as much support and compassion as you need to redefine your life. When you allow a licensed therapist to help you and guide you in alternating your mental status, you can reconnect with yourself and build a new life, even with a co-occurring mental health disorder.

How You Can Find Hope for Healing as a New Year’s Resolution With Sokya

The New Year provides a moment of reckoning to understand who you were and can encourage you to devote yourself to becoming better for the next. Many individuals use this solution to contemplate how they can make changes. Some choose to become more educated or more robust, while others decide to dive into self-awareness and uplift their surroundings.

The compounded situations in a complex life can degrade one’s mental clarity. If you struggle with unhealthy habits and find yourself struggling with the challenges of life around you, breaking free of those habits can lead you towards health and wellness. You don’t need to neglect areas of your life, as life can already be harsh enough. Therefore, eliminating the inhibiting factors with a range of experts can allow you to find peace and healing.

Sokya Health is here to help you find the progression of hope, healing, and wellness in the new year. We can implement life-altering solutions with our telehealth platform to positively affect a more transparent state of mind. We believe your brain can have the peace it deserves by understanding and redirecting a meaningful and engaging sense of possibility and purpose. If you want to reclaim your happiness and find hope and wellness in the New Year, rediscovering yourself with a health and wellness journey is a new start. Sokya Health is here for you. We want to help you learn more about how choices affect mental health. Finding a telehealth platform designed to help rebuild your life can have a successful outcome. Therefore, if you or your loved one struggle with unhealthy habits or personal wellness and want to change for the new year, reach out to us at (877) 840-6956.

More than 50% of Americans struggle with mental health.

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