Having a Clear Vision

You’re walking through the woods, and, in the distance, you see someone coming towards you. A minute or two later a bedraggled man trudges past you mumbling, “I’m lost, tired, frustrated and overwhelmed”.

Intrigued, you walk alongside for a while. “Where are you going?”, you ask.

“I don’t know,” he says, “but somewhere that isn’t here”.

“Well, what kind of place are you looking for?”.

“I don’t know,” he says sadly, “but I need to keep going, or I’ll never get there”.

You let him walk on. Why doesn’t he stop and ask himself, “where am I going?”. He certainly won’t find it if he doesn’t figure out where it is!

I’m sure you get my point! Like our lonely hiker, we often plow through life with no clear destination or direction yet somehow hope that we will arrive at a place that is “better”. Feeling frustrated and lost we fritter away time as if it were infinite. At best most people have some vague ideas about what a great life would look like, but not with enough clarity to excitedly say, “that’s where I’m going…let’s go!”.

Here’s a few simple tips to help you start to find yours:

  1. Dream!! Imagine a time in the future where everything is perfect; life is motivational and exciting and with all your Values (link to values blog here). present in abundance!

  2. Break it down. Create a Vision document (or use the one I created for you) LINK TO VISION DOCUMENT Break your life down into several “Elements”. For example, your Romantic Relationship, Hobbies, Finances, Work, Mental Health, Physical Health and Appearance etc. I’m sure there are others. Create a heading for each.

  3. Observe and Amplify. Look around you. Who’s lives inspire you? What is it about their lives you love? What would make it better? Gather information about your hopes and dreams. Keep building your Vision.

  4. Learn it! Put the document somewhere visible. Every day, look at it, read it, talk about it, add to it and think about it.

What’s the advantage of having this top of mind? You are no longer habitually “walking away” from your current situation like our sad hiker. You are joyfully walking towards something with, clarity, motivation, and direction.

Ask a Sokya Coach how you can use your Vision to THRIVE!

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