Can Online Assessments Help Me Achieve My Recovery Goals?

While online health services continue to expand and become the “norm” of how to receive health care, many are skeptical about online care. However, the online telehealth space allows services to be offered across the globe. People no longer have to be limited by geography, the inability to attend appointments, or feel unable to seek treatment because they have professional or familial responsibilities. 

Mental Health Services Offered in an Online Space

You can benefit from treatment through telehealth services. Therapists and mental health professionals at SokyaHealth can help you manage anxiety, overcome feelings of depression, work through trauma, and even offer substance abuse counseling. 

Reach Out For Help

The first step is reaching out for help. Upon reaching out, we will match you with the right therapist for you. Within 48 hours, you will begin working with that therapist to get yourself on a path to better wellness.

Be Proactive

It is important to preface that mental health services are not only available to individuals diagnosed with a mental disorder; they are available to everybody. We are qualified to help with diagnosis, although being proactive and not reactive should always be emphasized. That means asking for help when you notice you are overwhelmed, off-balance, and struggling. 

Avoid Being Reactive

Being reactive means waiting to take action when your mental and physical health has already depleted. Telehealth services are revolutionizing therapy, and at SokyaHealth, we prioritize focusing on the mind, body, and spirit by offering a holistic approach to treatment. You can do this from the comfort of your own home.

What Is a Mental Health Assessment?

A mental health assessment is designed to help mental or medical health professionals understand how you feel, think, and behave concerning your mental health. This could entail physical examinations being used in mental health assessments. However, we live in a world where even doctor visits are conducted via telehealth. 

Physical Examinations

Physical examinations help to review family history, which helps determine certain diagnoses. However, they are not as critical. If you are reaching out to a mental health professional, you have noticed signs within your own feelings, thoughts, and actions that are alarming and you want to address. 

From there, the mental health professional is supposed to help you connect the dots between the cause of your symptoms and how you can enter into mental health recovery. This is best implemented by talking, being honest with your therapist, and being open-minded to their professional opinion on approaching treatment.

Mental Health Assessments 

Mental health assessments may vary dependent on the therapist or the symptoms you are experiencing. The priority is to determine risks. That may include being at risk of hurting yourself, hurting others, or partaking in negative coping habits that will cause further problems. Generally, the assessment is to appropriately diagnose a mental health disorder, determine distinctions between mental and physical problems, and assess the client’s concerns and observations. 

A successful assessment will also entail determining an appropriate treatment plan. Further, mental health treatment is most successful when tailored to meet the individual’s needs. Therefore, your initial meeting will help your therapist learn about you and start developing a relationship. This is important for lending comfort and security to the process. You and your therapist can work together to create a plan specific to you, your struggles, and your needs.

Words of Caution About the Online Space

Online assessments may also indicate assessments you can take on your own through the internet. Many people take these assessments to rationalize what they are thinking or feeling on their own. These assessments can be unreliable, which is where many concerns may fall. Clients frequently take online assessments without having psychological knowledge and assume the worst of their thoughts and feelings. Online assessments such as these are not a diagnosis. 

Don’t Go It Alone

Many feel they can handle mental health issues on their own, but unfortunately, this can often lead to more harm than good. To receive the best mental health services through an online space, ensure that the platform you are using is credible and that the therapist you speak with is competent.

How SokyaHealth Can Help

SokyaHealth was created from the need for mental health and wellness in an online space. For this reason, we prioritize providing quality care to practitioners with decades of experience. 

Mental illness occurs when there is a disconnect between the mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, our programs can help you reconnect the three and truly embark on a path to better wellness.

SokyaHealth is founded on the idea of reconnecting the mind, body, and soul in a way that optimizes overall wellness. We were also founded out of a need for mental health services to be offered across an online platform. Many are skeptical about the benefits of telemental health and the effectiveness of online mental health assessments. Yet, the core of competent mental health treatment lies in the quality of treatment itself. A mental health professional will focus on learning more about you during your online assessment. They will also learn more about your struggles, goals, and why you seek treatment. By communicating honestly and being open-minded, your assessment will be just as successful as it would be if it were completed in person. If you are skeptical and want to learn more about online mental health services, reach out to SokyaHealth today and call 800-930-0803 and (866) 65-SOKYA.

More than 50% of Americans struggle with mental health.

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