Building a Peaceful Life

Life can be filled with chaos sometimes. It may seem that the world around you is filled with anxiety, fear, and unpredictability that carries into your personal life. Despite whatever challenges external circumstances may create, you can learn how to build a peaceful life. 

What Does Peace Look Like?

To understand what peace is, you can look at what brings negativity and instability into your life. This could be:

  • A stressful job

  • Demanding academic work

  • Familial responsibilities

  • Political unrest

  • Toxic relationships

These external factors can cause you to feel incredibly overwhelmed to the point where you might doubt ever being able to find peace. The concept of peace may seem impossible when dealing with things like financial stress, looming deadlines, and complicated relationship problems. 

In reality, you can create your own peace by figuring out what brings joy and ease into your life. This idea of peace could look different depending on who you are and what you enjoy, but it might look like: 

  • Hobbies

  • A calming space in your home

  • A dedicated yoga practice

  • Setting boundaries at work

  • Cutting off toxic friends

  • Finding a tutor for school 

These things may not seem like they are peaceful at first, but they are all different ways that you can work to create peace in your life by managing external stressors. 

Remove the Bad, Keep the Good

While you cannot control everything that happens in life, especially when it comes to the news, world events, or traffic, you can choose to create purposeful, internal peace that you can carry with you everywhere you go. Creating inner peace may require removing some external factors, however. For example, you might need to set a boundary at work by not responding to emails after work hours, or you might choose to only look at the news once a day for your own internal peace needs. 

You can choose to remove the bad and keep the good by practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness can help you reduce anxiety, focus on what you truly value, and reduce negative emotions like anger, fear, and pain. 

Wellness and Peace

The concept of wellness is a more balanced approach that can help you create peace in every aspect of your life. Wellness focuses on the financial, spiritual, physical, emotional, environmental, social, occupational, and intellectual aspects of your life. If you pinpoint where you are lacking peace and make a plan to create more peace in that area, you can find more balance and stability in your life. 

A Peaceful Life Personalized for You

Your idea of a peaceful life will be unique to you. Because you are a unique individual, what makes you calm and relaxed may be different than what makes someone else feel that way. You might be more practical, deciding to build peace by instituting an exercise regimen into your day. This time spent working out can be just for you to let go and release dopamine for a happier, healthier you. 

Or, you might search for spiritual peace by taking time to meditate or pray every day. Set time aside in a private place to be undisturbed, even just for a short time for a slice of peace in your day. Similarly, you could want more peace at work. This might mean looking for a new job that supports your desires for a better work-life balance or setting emotional boundaries, so you don’t get caught up in workplace drama. In any case, finding ways to build a peaceful life that works for you may take time and practice. Don’t be afraid to try new things if something isn’t bringing you joy. 

The Importance of a Safe Space

Having a safe space where you can truly relax is a great way to set the foundation for building a peaceful life. It may seem difficult to find a place where you feel safe and comfortable when living in a shared dorm, a full house, or while at work. Luckily, this place does not necessarily have to be quiet or private to bring you peace. 

Think about what places bring you an overwhelming sense of peace. This may be a place like: 

  • The library

  • A mountain hike

  • A spiritual building

  • Your room

  • Your favorite coffee shop

  • A park

Whatever this place may be, you can purposefully visit it a few times a week to start consciously building peace in your life. The time you spend at this place should be just for you and give you even just a five-minute break from the external stressors of the world. Finding a safe place where you feel peace can help ground you when life gets overwhelming. It can remind you that you can always choose to build peace by inviting things that bring joy into your life. 

Finding peace in a busy, chaotic world can feel impossible and overwhelming. With external stressors like the news, work responsibilities, and complicated family relationships, you might feel like building a peaceful life is impossible. However, you can build peace in your life. By focusing on what aspects of your life are out of balance, you can practice adding peace where you need it to achieve internal peace unaffected by any external factors. If you have trouble finding peace in your life, SokyaHealth can help. Our therapists understand the importance of wellness and can help you reduce the stress you feel from outside factors. We teach you how to build a peaceful life through healthy boundaries, holistic treatments, and practical self-care tools and tips. Our team can help you build the peaceful life you deserve. Call us at (877) 840-6956 today for more information on how to find peace in a chaotic world.

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