Advocating for Yourself Through Positive Affirmations

Loving oneself is difficult in this era of performance and comparisons. We are constantly faced with the idea of people outperforming us. The world places us under a constant microscope, and we may see others as well-respected. The difference between them and us is our willingness to speak our worth. The truth is, you are deserving of self-love and respect from others. The first step to beginning to receive respect from others is respecting yourself.

Advocating for Yourself Is Learned Behavior

Accepting criticism is easy, as is believing you deserve the frustrations of life and less than what others are being given. Beginning to see yourself as worthwhile when the world passes you by is a challenging behavior to learn and takes practice. You cannot learn to believe in yourself overnight, and learning how to tell people what you think and feel takes practice.

The best way to begin to believe in yourself is by practicing affirmations. After practicing affirmations, you will find yourself better equipped to advocate for yourself. You will also find yourself being more productive and willing to speak your opinions and truths.

Affirmations Are Statements of Self-Worth 

You are worth more than your paycheck and your standing in society. You deserve good things, but the beginning of your beliefs in yourself starts with you. As you begin the process of self-affirmation, start with a little bit of research.

Look at various affirmations online. You can do a simple search looking for “positive self-affirmations” and find several websites dedicated to phrases to boost your self-esteem. You can also start with yourself and begin by asking questions about your abilities and desires, including:

  • Do you work hard? “I am a hard worker.”

  • Do you deserve good things? “I deserve good things in my life.”

  • Are you kind toward others? “I am a good person, deserving of kindness.”

  • Do you have unique skills? “I am a good ______________.”

  • What do your friends say about you? “My friends say, ______________, therefore I know I am _______________.”

Finally, think about your fundamental human rights. You have the right to live without fear. You have the right to exist and be respected for all of who you are. You are a valuable member of society, and your role in the lives of your family and friends cannot be replaced by another person. Your role in your community is also important, and your unique opinions and experiences matter.

Starting the Process of Advocating for Yourself

Whether you are asking for a raise or requesting fair treatment in a doctor’s office, you deserve to be treated with respect. Know your worth. You are worth far more than you believe. Remember, you have unique experiences and attitudes to bring to any situation, and those are worth more than can be presented in your paycheck and on your resume. Practicing is key.

Begin the process of self-advocacy by looking in the mirror and stating your worth. You can place notes and cards around your living space to remind you of your positive characteristics and value to society. Remind yourself as you drive that you have the right to be treated with respect. 

Some People and Situations Make Advocacy Difficult

Entering some situations can make advocating for yourself difficult. Entering a job interview or receiving a performance review by a supervisor or teacher can spike your anxiety levels and make it hard to concentrate on your self-worth. Practicing affirmations before entering these situations is critical to your sitting up straight and explaining your point of view. 

Entering a doctor’s office can also be a situation where you find advocating for yourself challenging. Having fears and doubts about your concerns can make you feel ill-equipped to share your concerns. However, you need to be honest and recognize your need to be treated with respect. 

At SokyaHealth, we recognize your internal values, and our providers are willing to listen to your concerns about your well-being. We are also ready to help you learn how to advocate for yourself. You are a powerful and important person in the world, and you deserve to know and believe in your strengths and rights. 

Things to Remember

You are so much more than what the world tells you. You have the right to be heard and to stand up for yourself. You need not sit silent when people tell you who you are. Ask yourself about your values and recognize your unique abilities and attitudes to offer the world. Speak up for yourself because you are your best advocate. 

Positive affirmations are a critical component in the war against self-doubt and anxiety. Learning how to affirm yourself and believe in yourself is the first step in being able to advocate for yourself. Begin by treating yourself well and believing you deserve positive treatment. With time and effort, others will also see you positively. You do not have to continue to struggle. At SokyaHealth, we provide coaching and therapy to help you achieve your well-being goals, whether they be managing mental health issues or issues of self-esteem. We know you deserve the best and offer a variety of resources for you to become your best self. SokyaHealth provides telehealth services, including medication management, group support, coaching, and therapy. We also offer a variety of self-care resources. Contact us today by calling (877) 840-6956 and learn how we can help you develop a practice of positive affirmations and become your best self. 

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