What Services Does SokyaHealth Offer?

The effects of mental disturbances can feel frightening, especially if you experience them for the first time. The signs and symptoms of mental health disorders are not always easy to identify, as they are not black and white. You may notice that you’re struggling to maintain a daily schedule, and you may be falling behind in school or work. Your sleep may be restless, and you might find yourself unable to concentrate. You may also find yourself drawing away from social situations, or you may experience overwhelming self-doubt. New and unfamiliar emotions like these can be scary and frightening. Whatever you are battling, understand that you are not facing this alone. You are not the first to feel anxiety or depression, and you certainly won’t be the last. These emotions you are experiencing are normal. If you look around, you’ll see that we are all battling something, and there is no shame in seeking guidance in navigating these new emotions.

At SokyaHealth, we offer various services that target depression, anxiety, sleep problems, ADHD, OCD, and a range of other mental health disorders. We provide services to children, adolescents, and adults in California, Oregon, and Alaska. 

The Intake Process

The staff at SokyaHealth is warm and welcoming. We know it causes jitters to walk into a treatment center for a very first appointment, and we are here to ease your nerves. Our staff is compassionate, understanding and will answer any questions you may have. 

We form a comprehensive view of the patient during the initial intake appointment. We want to fully understand your past and current situation and what makes you the way you are. To best help, we need all of the small details. We perform a psych evaluation, a diagnostic interview, and look at the client’s family and medical history.

The psych evaluation is used to assess memory, cognitive processes, and behaviors elicited by the patient. This evaluation can include informal surveys and questions about personality traits. It is used to diagnose or rule out disorders, which helps create a treatment plan. 

The diagnostic interview is where we further explore the patient’s presenting problem, current situation, and background to formulate a diagnosis and prognosis.

Lastly, we look at the family and medical history of the client. If any relatives have a history of the same symptoms the client presents, there may be a genetic predisposition to look into. If the client is under 18, we may examine the notes from their school counselor (if they have been to one). 

Our Services

Once we have understood the history and identified the presenting issue, we will provide the most effective treatment. Some examples we use are: 

Play Therapy

Play therapy capitalizes on children’s natural ability to express their feelings and resolve conflicts through play. This type of treatment helps children with learning disabilities or attachment disorders.

School Advocacy

We use school advocacy to educate children on bullying, sexual abuse, and other factors that contribute to mental health disorders.

Parent Coaching 

Parent coaching is a technique we use for parents that need assistance with directing family dynamics, addressing maladaptive behaviors, or achieving their parenting goals.

Executive Functioning

We believe it is essential to educate people about executive functioning. Executive functioning is a set of mental skills that include working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. We use these skills every day to learn, work, and manage daily life. Problems with executive functioning can make it difficult to focus, follow directions or handle emotions appropriately.

Family Therapy

At SokyaHealth, we use family therapy to help resolve conflicts and create techniques for smoother communication.  


We use individual psychotherapy as a type of one on one therapy designed to work through personal issues. This therapy helps create a stable counselor and patient relationship that harbors safety and positivity.

Neuropsychological and Psychological Testing

In addition to these options, we provide neuropsychological testing and psychological testing.

Why Treatment Matters

At SokyaHealth, we believe in holistic healing for the individual, starting from the basics. We want to understand the factors that play into a client’s anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorders and target those before throwing someone into a treatment that doesn’t work. Sometimes, it takes multiple avenues of treatment for remission to be successful. According to a study about the effectiveness of different treatment modalities, several different treatment modalities have been found in several clinical trials to produce significantly better outcomes than occur in the absence of the treatment or alternative treatment. For example, in medicine, no single medication is effective against all infections. In psychology, it works the same way. Our behaviors and cognitive processes may require a combination of techniques and therapies to achieve the best result. 

Our goal is to address your concerns with compassion, personality, and professionalism at SokyaHealth. We are a unique choice for treatment because we treat you like family. We do same-day appointments, house calls and go out of our way to ensure our patients are cared for. Our center aims to treat the individual and the family members to create a holistic healing process. Our staff is caring, and we will support you through your individual journey.  We understand that everyone is battling something. If you have a mental health disorder or suspect that you might, let’s take care of it! SokyaHealth will work with you to create a treatment that fits your schedule and beliefs. We are a multidisciplinary, private psychiatric and mental health practice. We provide comprehensive mental health services for Southern California, Oregon, and Alaska regions. To schedule a free consultation with SokyaHealth contact us today at 866-932-1767.

More than 50% of Americans struggle with mental health.

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