Telemedicine for Mental Health Services

Telemedicine began in the 1950s. However, our modern technologies have made the service more easy-to-use and beneficial than ever. Telemedicine is a service that allows doctors to connect with their patients via a computer, phone, or tablet. In the world of mental health, Telemedicine can be used for therapy sessions, psychiatric evaluations, maintaining medication, and much more. These sessions can usually be held over a video chat or phone call, depending on where you are receiving therapy. 

With COVID-19 still plaguing the world, Telemedicine might be the only option for some. Telemedicine is beneficial to anyone that cannot leave their homes in general. Either way, it is a convenient method of receiving your mental health treatment.

What Happens During Telemedicine Therapy Sessions?

Your telemedicine therapy session can significantly depend on where you are receiving treatment. However, it will work like a typical therapy session in most cases. The main difference is that you will instead be talking to them via a video chat or phone call instead of seeing your therapist in-person. 

Since Telemedicine works like a typical therapy session, you can usually request couples therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, and any other form of therapy that your therapist offers. 

Benefits of Telemedicine

While some prefer seeing their doctors and psychiatrists in-person, there are many benefits to utilizing Telemedicine. One of the most significant advantages of using Telemedicine is that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to get treatment. As long as you are somewhere quiet, you can pretty much have a Telemedicine session from anywhere, even inside your car.

Not having to go to an office to see your doctor eliminates the risk of catching any form of illness or disease. This is primarily a concern now as the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing. Many people may not feel comfortable leaving their homes or cannot due to underlying health conditions, making Telemedicine the best option.

With Telemedicine, any commute between your home and your therapist’s office won’t be a concern. In some cases, a patient may have found a great therapist that is states away or even in a different country. With Telemedicine, a patient can easily speak with a great therapist, no matter how far away they are. 

Some people might be scared of seeing a therapist for the first time, and meeting via video chat could ease some of that anxiety. It’s worth noting that Telemedicine should be HIPAA-compliant. If you have any concerns, speak with your doctor. 

Other Telemedicine Services

In addition to mental health services, Telemedicine is used for a wide range of things, including doctor’s visits and patient monitoring. When it comes to patient monitoring, doctors can use Telemedicine to monitor their patients’ ultrasounds, EKGs, and much more. Some doctors even use Telemedicine to make sure their patients are taking their prescription medication. 

Doctors can diagnose and recommend treatment to their patients without having them come to the office, which can mean less crowded hospitals. This can help patients avoid long doctor office waits as well. 

How Do I Pay for Telemedicine?

Like with any mental health treatment, Telemedicine services can be paid for in various ways. An excellent first step is to check with your insurance company and see if they cover Telemedicine services. If your insurance provider covers mental health, then there’s a good chance it will help pay for telemedicine. At SokyaHealth, we will work with most insurance providers to ensure that everyone can afford our services. 

Telemedicine at SokyaHealth 

At SokyaHealth, we offer our Telemedicine services through a convenient app, where you can easily connect with our expert staff. Our team of professional therapists can host sessions and provide consultations via video chat or phone call. Our Telemedicine services are available to adolescents, young adults, and adults all over the country. Additionally, you don’t have to put any special software on your computer to access any of our services. 

With our Telemedicine services, you will receive the best mental health care from our team of expert physicians and nurses. In addition to therapy sessions, we also host forms of education and training via Telemedicine services. When you call to schedule a consultation, let one of our experts answer all the questions you have. 

While Telemedicine has been around for a long time, it has never been as easy to use as it is now. Telemedicine involves a patient receiving consultation and other forms of treatment from their doctor via phone or video chat. When it comes to mental health care treatment, patients can use Telemedicine to speak with expert therapists remotely. Speaking with a therapist from the comfort of your own home comes with many benefits, including that you won’t have to wait in an office or make a long drive. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still a risk for everyone. Individuals may not feel comfortable leaving their homes or are unable to due to underlying health conditions. In this case, Telemedicine might be the best option for many. At SokyaHealth, we offer Telemedicine mental health care treatment via our easy-to-use app. We offer a variety of Telemedicine services, including therapy sessions, assessments, and more. Additionally, most insurance companies will cover Telemedicine appointments, so you might not have to worry about the cost. For more information, call SokyaHealth at 866-932-1767.

More than 50% of Americans struggle with mental health.

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