Step Outside Your Comfort Zone Next Year

The start of a new year means three hundred and sixty-five days of endless possibilities, new dreams, and new adventures. Social media and weight loss commercials would have you believe a new year means a new you, but you are still you. A new year simply gives you a great starting point to reset your intentions, try new things, meet new people, and grow as a person. If you are not careful, though, a new year can mean just another series of days that fade into each other in a series of work, sleep, and coffee breaks.

Do not let that be how you live your life this year; watching the clock and going through the motions. Yes, going through the motions of life and functioning is necessary but is that all you want out of life? The world is so much more than your trip to work, a stop at Starbucks, and lunch breaks in your car. It is time to step out of your comfort zone and try new things to make the most of 2022.

Set Yourself up for Success

While many people think “go big or go home” ought to be your motto, but what you need to be looking at is how well you know yourself. Not only how much you are in tune with yourself but knowing your abilities as well. One trip to the gym may inspire an entry for America Ninja Warrior training or a 5k, but those things will take time, and setting yourself up for success starts with small goals.

Do you want to conquer your fears, learn a new skill, start a new habit, or do more good in the world? Fantastic, start by looking at howyou might want to go about it. Ask yourself what the bigger picture is for your goals.

For instance, if your goal is to run a half marathon by the end of next year (13.2 miles), but the furthest you have ever run is from Target to your car when it was raining, no problem. You got this. Start with thirty minutes of a run/ walk combination. Consider two minutes of walking to one minute of running, and build from there. If you are into technology, there are a plethora of running apps that can guide you on your running journey. These apps can connect to smartwatches and measure everything from cadence to distance, to also mapping your route for the day.

Maybe your goal is to find a new hobby. See if there are any community classes in your area for something you are interested in and sign up. You could also find videos online that teach you how to tackle your hobby project or connect with someone through social networking who does what you want to do.

Whatever goal you set, take a chance and step out of your comfort zone. Try something new. Try something that, if someone had asked you to do ten years ago, you would have let your fears stop you. Be brave. Be bold. Small steps and habitual practices add up to the bigger picture of success. Remember that failure is an opportunity to learn and something beautiful may come of it.

Trading Old Habits for New Ones

If you are struggling with habits that are sabotaging your progress in something, start by understanding how to form new habits. For instance, maybe you have a bad snacking habit. Instead of reaching for the candy bar or bag of chips, grab a bottle of water and a sugar-free water additive. You can find childhood favorite flavors like Hawaiian Punch, Crystal Lite, and Propel. It is a win-win situation: you increase your water intake and reduce your garbage intake. Awesome, right?

Some experts will tell you that it takes twenty-one days to make something a habit, while others will argue that behavior changes take thirty days to become hardwired. Most agree that for a new habit to become part of your permanent lifestyle, you must do it consistently for ninety days. If it takes you longer, that is perfectly okay; keep working at it. If you turn something positive into a habit within a week or two, that is perfectly fine as well.

Get an Accountability Partner

Trying new things can be scary and frustrating. Stepping outside your comfort zone can be very difficult. Whether you are going for a new fitness regimen, finding something new to occupy your free time, or quitting a bad habit, find someone to be an accountability partner. That way, you do not have to go through your journey alone and you have someone checking up on your progress. If that person happens to want to do the same thing as you, even better. That gives you a partner to embark on your journey with and you can encourage and push one another.

A new year does not mean you have to reinvent yourself completely. The start of a new year is a great time to step outside of your comfort zone, face some fears, and learn new things a little bit at a time. A new year is three hundred and sixty-five new days with endless possibilities to create new goals and get closer to accomplishing old dreams. Make a plan with achievable goals for your new year’s resolution so that you don’t get frustrated, bored, or burnt out. Show yourself grace and love. The staff at SokyaHealth can help you make goals and stick to them, especially if you’re looking for mental health or recovery guidance. Your journey and goals are personal, and the help you’ll find at our facility will be the same. We offer customized treatment and support so you can make your dreams a reality. Call 866-932-1767 to find out more.

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