How Headlight Helps Parents Prepare For Treatment

Entering treatment is the first step to helping parents manage their physical and mental health needs. However, some parents might shy away from treatment because they are worried about finding care for their children. More organizations and facilities focus on innovative and convenient ways to provide mental health treatment to parents. 

If we have any silver lining to gain from the pandemic, it is the implementation of telehealth services becoming more common practice for health and wellness. Offering these treatments is ideal for parents who avoid seeking treatment because they’re worried about the needs of their children. 

In this new world of online mental health services, you as a healthcare professional can navigate the process of preparing parents for treatment. Times have changed, but the need for quality treatment and mental health professionals has not.

Addressing the Issue of Parents Not Seeking Treatment

For years, parents have neglected to seek quality mental health treatment because of their inability to find care for their children. They may also feel they have too many familial responsibilities to go to therapy, group sessions, or attend regular appointments that optimize their wellness. This has been an issue for decades. 

Even as the stigma and misinformation around mental health treatment have improved, people continue to neglect treatment because they do not have access to quality care within their community. However, when the pandemic hit in March of 2020, millions of people struggled to get the care they needed because they couldn’t access healthcare. 

Telehealth Services

When the pandemic hit, hundreds of mental health treatment facilities began scrambling to figure out how they could continue providing patients with mental health care despite the pandemic. That meant creating mental health services they could offer online. Over two years later, many facilities continue to offer telehealth services. 

Individuals who are more comfortable seeking treatment within their own homes can continue to do so. This has been a game-changer for parents, especially single parents, who need mental health services. Thankfully, quality mental health care will continue to be offered so that parents can successfully receive the care they deserve.

Benefits of Virtual Mental Health Care

While it’s become common for people to seek mental health treatment virtually, some may be skeptical of its effectiveness. As a healthcare professional, you can help them to understand how virtual mental health care is not only beneficial but convenient. 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) goes in-depth on telehealth for the treatment of serious mental illness. Perhaps the biggest benefits of telehealth services include: 

  • Increased access to consistent, high-quality care and resources 

  • The convenience of removing geographical barriers. Clients no longer need to worry about seeking childcare because they don’t have to worry about leaving home. Therefore they do not need to figure out transportation or the commute time.

Helping Parents Understand the Benefits 

It may be hard to help parents understand these benefits. If they can’t be convinced of the benefits of virtual therapy, focus on convincing them of the benefits of treatment in general. If they’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or any number of mental health disorders, treatment will help them handle the disorder. 

Treatment Helps the Whole Family

Anyone who is a parent knows the pressure that comes with raising kids. Further, in order to function optimally as a parent, you need to be able to function individually. Therefore, educating parents and their families about treatment will teach them coping techniques that they can use to manage their mental health successfully. Seeking treatment will also benefit the whole family because they will be able to handle the stress of parenthood and work obligations better. 

How SokyaHealth Can Help

SokyaHealth focuses on providing therapy with a new approach. That approach includes offering therapy, coaching, and wellness through an online platform. We have real people who match clients with the right mental health professionals. 

Our team consists of licensed therapists, wellness experts, and coaches who have years of industry knowledge. All clients have to do is reach out to SokyaHealth to begin virtual treatment. Sokya’s virtual platform is perfect for parents seeking treatment who can’t get away from their parental responsibilities.

If you are struggling to help prepare parents for treatment, consider getting help from Sokya. The first step toward preparing parents for treatment is educating them on their options and the benefits of virtual therapy. If you are new to virtual treatment, we can help you feel better prepared to educate your clients today. Call Sokya or visit our website for more information today.

Entering treatment is the first step to helping a client who is a parent manage their mental and emotional health needs. However, you may find that some shy away from treatment because they are worried about finding care for their children. More organizations are focusing on innovative ways to provide mental health treatment to parents. That means offering more options for virtual mental health through secure online platforms. SokyaHealth was founded on the need to provide mental health and wellness services to clients virtually. We can help you prepare your client for treatment. Virtual mental health care will allow your client to seek quality care without worrying about childcare, taking time off work, or other geographical barriers. To learn more about the benefits of virtual mental health care for your clients and what you can do to help them seek treatment, call Sokya at 800-930-0803 and (866) 65-SOKYA.

More than 50% of Americans struggle with mental health.

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