Dating A Newly Divorced Man

COVID-19 has brought layers of devastation with every passing strain. Some people have lost friends and family members to this never-ending virus. Unfortunately, divorce rates have also increased worldwide since the rise of COVID-19.

After being cooped up with their significant other for nearly two years, some people have realized that they’re interested in new or different things that do not include their significant others. If there were problems in the relationship before COVID, the long periods of unemployment or constant exposure to each other have only worsened those problems.

Long-term marriages seem to have seen the worst of the devastation. Many marriages looking at or past their 20-year mark have dissolved into split assets and homes being placed on the market. In some cases, the split was a mutual agreement. In many cases, though, one partner was left in despair while the other moved out and moved on.

Many divorced individuals may be looking to find a new partner. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting involved with a divorced man, but be aware that they might not be in the healthiest headspace. Since the rise of divorce, there have been three significant types of divorced men currently on the dating scene to be aware of.

3 Types of Divorced Men to Be Aware Of

The three types of divorced men to be aware of include:

#1. Mr. Friends With Benefits

This man is usually pretty upfront on his intentions when it comes to being in a relationship. Be aware that this type of man can and will make you feel like you are the only woman in the world — until he’s gotten what he wants from you. After that, Mr. Friends with Benefits (FWB) will probably explain to you how busy he is and that he has to get going to attend to everything.

Mr. FWB will sometimes text randomly, asking how you are doing. Those test conversations usually end up with a hook-up about to happen. The good thing about this man is that he does not want anything from you. He’s usually not looking for emotional commitment or any other drama. Everyone needs an escape; why not have a FWB to escape with?

#2. Mr. Collector

This type of man is always sweet, kind, and considerate. He will love bomb you with daily “Good morning beautiful” and “Good night gorgeous” texts. These texts can be flattering and fabulous until you realize that this man has many female friends. You can almost guarantee that on any given day, one of his female friends will be having a rough day and the only person in the world they can possibly talk to is him. This man is constantly rescuing one damsel in distress or another.

On the other hand, this man knows he does not want to be with just one person. At the same time, he is upfront about how he feels. Mr. Collector will make a dear lifelong friend. He will always be there when you need him, and he will brighten your day with sweet texts and answer your calls when you need to cry to someone.

#3. Mr. I Just Met You But I Swear I’m In Love

This type of man will swear that he has been looking for you his entire life. He knows what he wants. There can be both positive and negative aspects when it comes to this type of man. Some of the negative aspects are that he might not look at you as a person but as a replacement relationship for the one that was newly lost. If you feel that you are seeing red flags, always trust your instincts.

If you believe in love at first sight, perhaps this is the man for you. Who is to say that this type of relationship will not work? The good news about Mr. I’m In Love is that there will be an immediate spark — one of those “we’re only having breakfast together because we’ve been talking all night and got hungry again” kind of romances. He may have been through a failed relationship as well and knows exactly what he wants and what to stay away from, and if he’s chosen you, you’re it.

For example, if you met through a website that matches you precisely on lifestyle and interests — half the work is already done. You chose each other based on what you liked on and off the internet. Each of you has made the adult decision to share your lives based on matching interests, and big-picture, life-long goals.

The world can be a lonely place, especially if you have gone through a divorce since the beginning of the pandemic. You might find yourself longing for company and someone to talk to that understands the pain and sorrows that divorce can bring. Some divorces leave individuals so devastated that they will swear off relationships. Other individuals will often realize their worth and enjoy the freedom of being divorced. These individuals are so adamant about keeping this single status that they do not consider anyone’s feelings but their own. Some have been attached to someone else for so long that they are afraid to function alone. You deserve a healthy relationship where you are put first and not behind someone’s dramatic friends or other activities. If you find yourself with mental health concerns or substance use problems due to an unhealthy or unsatisfying relationship, SokyaHealth has supportive staff to help you find your happiness. Call 800-930-0803.

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