Our Brand Values

Our Mission

Deliver mental health services in a way that’s easier and more human for everyone involved.

Welcome to Headlight! Our goal is to create a brighter path forward to better mental health care. We look forward to guiding you on your wellness journey. As a company, we aim to evolve mental health care, to remove stigmas, and to help our community find inner-brightness. 

Our Guiding Principles 

Deliver excellent service

We’re determined to deliver world-class care to our patients. We build long-lasting relationships because we obsess over the details of our delivery and the quality of our care.

Make things easier

Getting help with mental health can be challenging and confusing for a lot of people. We remove barriers and simplify the process because it helps our patients get help and allows us to grow and help more people.

Listen with empathy

Listen to each other with empathy. We value the deep understanding that creates a productive environment of collaboration, feedback, and support.

Learn and grow

Along the way, we want to learn and grow. We are always curious to improve our practice and our process. As we learn and grow, we can help more people, and that’s what it’s all about.

Take care of each other

We help each other be our best by creating a culture of empathy, respect, growth, and balance.